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Polish team in CanSat 2015

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We are building a planetary probe that fits the size of a regular beverage can, and we are going to gather plenty of data!

Our primary goal is to land in a fixed vertical position using legs located at the bottom of the probe. It gives us several capabilities, namely:

  • We are going to take a serie of photos using a rotating camera at the top of our can, which will be combined into full panorama of the landscape on the ground station afterwards,
  • Legs will be able to measure particular properties of the ground, like its resistance.

Besides that, we are planning to put following sensors into the probe:

  • Temperature and pressure meter as this is required to participate in CanSat contest and allows us to find out the stability of planet’s atmosphere,
  • 9-axis inertial measurement unit - it will provide us acceleration, angular speed and magnetic field measurements - all in 3 axis, so we will be able to learn more about the environmental conditions as well as some of the planet’s physical characteristics.

Thanks to all the obtained data we will be able to learn a lot about the planet itself, its surface and atmosphere, which may ultimately lead to the answer of whether life can exist there and is this place eligible to be colonized.

Initial visualization of our CanSat:

Cansat render